AVE Beauties

Thanks AVE for this excellent smoothing black soap and your GREAT customer service, be back soon. Lisa-NYC

Hey AVE Skincare Thank You for your special shea butter mix.  Wow goes on smooth and leave a great glow all over my body, also great for the hair.  Thank You for treating me your customer just right.  Keep up the good work Shay, Smiling. Happy Holidays to You and your team. James-ATL

Thank You AVE for the special mix with the shea butter and cocoa butter. My skin feel so much better and glow nice to.  Your customer service was GREAT and I pray much success for you Shay and AVE Skincare.  Keep helping us keep it together. Toni-NC

Dear Shay and the AVE team, I Love It. Your hook up with the white shea butter, virgin coconut oil, and cocoa butter mix it's the bomb...I buy by the pound and it last me for a month.  These days and times, I must watch how I spend my $$$.  I also enjoy using the shea butter soap.  Yes keep going...peace always and wishing you nothing but the best!!! Keith-MD

AVE I must confess, I ran out of my shea butter and tried another merchant. I must say, I was disappointed. It was hard and had a smell, so I threw it away. I will always be a returning customer because I know that AVE products works for me.  Keep up the great products and Thank You for your beautiful spirit Shay! Kim-MD

Hi Shay, I just wanted to leave my tip what works for me. I been using the raw black soap for the past three years, perfect. I wash my face & body with it everyday and than I moist my skin with the black seed oil. No harsh ingredients because my skin is sensitive and I'm good for the rest of the day. To all of you that have not tried AVE, are you missing out? Thank you AVE and I'm proud to be a AVE beauty:)  Evelyn-MD

I really like AVE Skincare shea butter cream.  At first I thought No, not for me.  But after trying, it is Great! Keep Up the Great Work AVE. Barbara-NYC

AVE that black soap and shea butter cream, I found my every day products.  So happy my friend shared your products with me, Thank You.  Bev-VA

Thank you AVE that shea butter soap, that's it and all I need on my rough dry skin.  On my next order, I would like a case lol. Keep doing your thing!!!  Angie-MD

AVE shea butter is the real deal. I was told beware because all shea butter is not real. The hook up is real and my skin proves it. AVE you may be a small business but you have a Big Heart. Thank you for taking time with your customers and sharing the Real Stuff, I'm Happy:) Tina-NC

I received my products and wow you sent free gifts too.  How many businesses you know send free gifts? not many at all.  Keep up the awesome products and great customer service Shay, Thank You!!! Patricia-NJ 

Thank You AVE for all your great oils.  One of my favorites is the Jojoba oil.  I use it on my skin and hair.  After a few weeks, I see a difference already.  Give AVE a try, they know how to treat you right:)  Lee-PA