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We have over 500 Ultra-powerful oils choices you can choose from.  Even the smallest bit of oil can stay with you all day.  What makes oil different from colognes or perfumes?  the answer is simple.  Perfumes are composed of about 90% alcohol and 10% oil.  Oil is the fragrance, and alcohol is what is used to cut it down.  

Try one of top favorite oils, you only need to wear a few drops to be effective.  Oils are not only used for wearing, but also for burning.  You can burn oils anywhere to create a refreshing and different atmosphere and effect.  Because we have so many, we are not able to list them all.  Send us an email of your favorite colognes or perfumes before you place your order. We can also send you one of our "FREE" catalog.

All oils comes in three sizes: 1/3 oz, - 1oz, - 4oz.

Send us an email with the name, quantity and size.  We will reach out to you once we receive your request, before you place your order.

Top 12 Best-Selling Oils: Baby Powder (W), Barack Obama (M), Black Woman (W), Beyonce Heat (W), Egyptian Musk, Ed Hardy (M),  Ed Hardy (W), Issey Miyake (M), Michele Obama (W), Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (W),  Patti LaBelle (W), Paris Hilton (W)

Top 12 Designer Oils: Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Dolce & Gabbana (M), Ed Hardy (M) Type, Ed Hardy (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Issey Miyake (M) Type, I Am King (M), Mary J Blige : My Life (W) Type, Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (W), Patti LaBelle (W) Type, Paris Hilton (W), White Diamonds (W) Type.

Top 12 African Oils: African Musk Green (M), Blue Nile, Barack Obama (M), Black Woman (W), Black Woman: Unique (W), Black Musk, Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Musk: Clear, Michelle Obama (W), Patchouli Classic, Red Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood Egyptian

Top 12 Fruit Oils: Apple Fantasy, Coco-Mango, Cherry, Cucumber Melon, Jamaican Fruit, Kiwi Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Strawberry Champagne, Strawberry Butter, Watermelon.

Top 12 Romance Oils: Angel (W) Type, Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M), Butt Naked (W), Black Woman (W), Bump & Grind, Egyptian Musk, Eat It Raw, Lick Me All Over, Michael Kors: Sexy Amber (W), Pink Sugar (W) Type, Rasta Woman (W), White Diamonds (W)

Top 12 Men Oils: African Musk Green (M), Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M) Type, Barack Obama (M), Bleu De Chanel (M), Cool Water (M), Dolce & Gabbana (M), Ed Hardy (M), Issey Miyake (M), Issey Miyake L'Ceau Bleue, I Am King (M) Sean John, Joop! (M), Unforgiveable (M) Sean John

Top 12 Black Icons Oils: Barack Obama (M) Type, Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Sean John: I Am King (M) Type, Jay Z: 9 IX (M), Michelle Obama (W) Type, Mary J Blige: My Life (W) Type, Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (W) Type, Patti Labelle (W) Type, Queen Latifah (W) Type, Rihanna: Reb Fleur (W) Type, Usher (M) Type

Top 12 Women Oils: Baby Powder (W) Type, Black Woman, Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Egyptian Musk, Ed Hardy (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Michelle Obama (W), Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (W), Patti LaBelle (W) Type, Paris Hilton (W) Type, Pink Sugar (W), White Diamonds (W) Type.

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